Prof Janet Dwyer

Janet Dwyer is Professor of Rural Policy at the University of Gloucestershire, and Co-Director of the Countryside and Community Research Institute, which is a collaborative research group supported by the Universities of Gloucestershire and the West of England as well as the Royal Agricultural and Hartpury Colleges.
The CCRI has a track record of 25 years of successful rural research and is an established centre of expertise, based currently at Oxstalls campus, in Gloucester.

At the CCRI, Janet directs and undertakes a variety of research related to agriculture, the environment and rural development. With an MA in biological sciences and a PhD in Agricultural Economics, she worked for 7 years as a policy officer at the Countryside Commission during the early 1990s, before moving into research work full-time, initially in the Agricultural team of the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in London, and then at the CCRI since 2002. Her research centres on European and UK policy and practice, including extensive knowledge of the Common Agricultural Policy as well as EU environmental, rural and regional policies.

Janet’s work has focused especially on the need for more integrated and farmer-centred approaches in policy making, as well as promoting longer-term environmental sustainability and effective adaptation. She is particularly interested in understanding and analysing how the complex mix of current policies actually works (or not!) on the ground, as a means to help promote better policy design and delivery, at all levels. Janet is well-known in policymaking circles in the UK and EU, has skills in facilitation and consensus-building, and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Her recent projects include a major, pan-European study of Rural Development Impacts ( which developed recommendations for future CAP policy; expert support to the European Network for Rural Development; a study for the European Parliament on how best to promote innovation and sustainable agriculture through the current CAP reforms; and support to the government of Malta, to prepare their next Rural Development Programme (2014-2020). She also worked on the EU-level evaluation of the mid-term reports of all RDPs 2007-13, and the evaluation of the England RDP, 2000-06.